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We work with players of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. No matter your starting point, we have a training session that will dramatically transform your game and improve your technique to become the player you know you are capable of being. 




At Good Lad Soccer our goal is simple: deliver dynamic soccer training that maximizes every second of practice to give players the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to achieve their goals. Whether it’s making the travel team, getting a scholarship from a D1 college, or attaining a professional contract, Good Lad Soccer delivers the elite training and tools to make these dreams a reality.​

Good Lad Soccer was founded by former Premier League player, Gavin Carlin. Gavin applies his years of game experience along with the professional soccer training he received to the drills and strategies he provides for Jacksonville area players. Gavin’s motto is “Work, Work, Win.” At Good Lad Soccer players will work hard but are rewarded for their efforts by winning big.

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"Coach Gavin from Good Lad Soccer has been nothing short of spectacular. He has a unique ability to develop young players by providing skilled instruction, demanding excellence, and providing loads of encouragement. The boys love to work hard for their coach, and for each other. In just a few short months every child has shown significant improvement in their skill level, knowledge of the game, sportsmanship, work ethic, and fitness level. Gavin has earned the respect and admiration of every child on that team, as well as every parent on the sideline, never an easy task. He is, by far, the most talented coach that either of our children have ever had an opportunity to work with."


"Gavin is everything you and your child want in a coach.  As a parent, I appreciate that Gavin’s standard for his players is excellence and nothing less.  He sets the bar high and does not compromise.  My son loves that Gavin is fun.  In fact, after about a week of working with Gavin, my son came home and said, “You know, Coach Gavin is really tough, but he’s so much fun!”  I can’t think of a better combination for a coach.  Since working with Coach Gavin, my son’s soccer skills have refined, his understanding of the game has matured, and his overall confidence on the field has blossomed.  Gavin will provide your child with a soccer experience like no other and as a parent you can be confident you will receive an excellent return on your investment."


Coach Gavin Carlin and his staff at Good Lad Soccer are outstanding! Your child will not only learn from one of the best in Jax; he or she will learn valuable lessons about the world of soccer and sports. If you are looking to take your child's soccer ability to the next level, look no further!


Good Lad Soccer gets the most out your child by motivating them to think and move faster with purpose both on and off the field. These are the kind of coaches we wish we all had when we were young and learning the game. Your son or daughter will never have worked so hard and walked away enjoying the experience!


"This guy is a PHENOMENAL coach. There is something about Gavin's approach, style and technique that really wowed us - and inspired our son - from the first practice we went to. He took a bunch of boys with varying skills and got them to play like a team FAST. He gets them to work hard - he's quick with praise and criticism, and always finishes practice on a positive note that makes our son want to get right back out there. In fact, we've recommended Gavin to other parents who were looking for extra training, and we're doing a camp with him this December. We would pretty much do any camp he offered. The guy's that good."


What do professional players have to say about Good Lad Soccer?




"Thanks Good Lad Soccer for training me today. The perfect training session in preparation for the new season."

Megan Dorsey


"Thank you Good Lad Soccer for the incredible training prior to my international tryouts. Your goalkeeper sessions always keep me on my toes and ready for the next challenge."

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